Is this moving? Watch carefully...
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Here is the idea
This tree scape to the left is a video which at first glance appears to be a static image. There is movement though, leaves fluttering, birds flitting, light shifting, etc. Subtle movement attracts the viewers attention and engages the mind without being obvious or distracting. This is one way Flash animation can enhance the depth and impact of your page design. It makes the page breathe.

Coding techniques allow us to use long pieces of high quality video without increasing the page load time while still using high image quality and it can be interactive as well.

Rain on a rainy day, clouds, what else?

Enhanced view
Instead of a static image of an office building you could use a video showing it over time with slow changes in lighting. There could also be short surprise animations, like people walking in, or birds flying across the image.
Is this moving?
Another example of subtle movement is this gift certificate banner.
It doesn't jump out at the viewer but has just enough movement to catch the viewers eye.
This works at a subconscious level.
In Development
Here is an exciting new concept we would like to share with you. Move your cursor slowly over the this image and you will see that each tile swings back and forth. This small image is just a raw sample of the type of movement that we are developing.

When the more refined movement is developed the cursor passing over the tiles will make them ripple and swing as if you were passing your hand across actual tiles hanging from nails on a wall. We will develop it so that you can use your own, interchangeable, images; the tiles angles will be random; the swinging will be random; and other interactive features will be added.

Contact us to discuss how we can get this into one of your projects or even jump in during the development stage for exclusivity.


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