Forest Card Game

Most of the cards are laid face down in a square. On each turn you flip cards, or switch cards,
similar to memmory, to find the path through the forest leading to the Gold.

Baby Fun Game - The Wild Mammals

This is a baby keyboard pounder. Since the connection between the keys and
what happens on screen is logical and consitent it also is an educational tool.

Baby Fun Game - Humpty Dumpty Interactive

This is the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme retold interactively. It is for toodlers and young children.
Helps develop motor skills and also establishes the connection between a story and the written word.
After the nursery rhyme is read click around on the images or the menu buttons for activities.

Egyptian Murder Mystery

The players in this party game each play a character in this murder mystery. Each player's character
holds a piece of the puzzle that will allow them to solve the mystery fo who murdered the princess.