About William Bellomy Design

My main goal in design is to bring together important elements such as a point of view, an emotion, a message, a story, an environment, something useful, something satisfying, something attractive, and focus them on a call to action, or perhaps a suggestion, or maybe even a whisper, which ever is effective.

Take a look at the portfolio and you will see examples of graphic design, advertising campaigns, signs, packages, books, magazines, all types of the graphic medium. You will also see movement, animation, and interaction, with an emphasis on Flash as a platform to create effective and beautiful interactive movement and art.

Underlying this philosophy and design is a team, carefully assembled, that can address any technical challenge to reach the goal. Turning the high concept into functioning reality.

Peruse these pages, check out the Brainstorm and Fun Stuff sections. Then give me a call and let's talk about ways to work together, develop concepts, reach solutions, execute ideas, and make everything work for you.

William Bellomy
email: william@williambellomydesign.com

CONTATACT - williamart@williambellomydesign.com phone: 805 637 3232