Information Development
Order forms are the obvious use of information development.
How can forms be enhanced? Perhaps additional questions
could be asked when specific questions are answered?

Eye catching animations
Animations are eye catching, but how can it help drive a message?
Perhaps the animation shows a situation where the benefit of
the product is in action. If there is a discount then the amount of
money you save could fan out on the ad illustrating just how much
money the savings represent.

Visual Information
With Flash you can use animation to add to the information on a
site. For intstance, a weather window. With Flash you could
create a window on a web page that shows the local weather
conditions, raining, snowing, baking, what ever it is.

Visual Messages
A message can be animated as well as written. Let's say the
message is "Come in before 6:00pm for our early bird specials
and save. The message could have a clock ticking it's way towards
6:00pm and have dollars showering down.

Interactive Message
If you have a message or advertising that is based on multiple
questions you can make them interactive. For instance, "What do
you value most in a Realestate Agent, Honesty, Knowledge, Low
Price, etc. Have an obvious check box beside each one and when
one is clicked the ad switches focus to that characteristic.

Interactive Resources
Often a web page will simply ask if you would like more
information to be sent. With Flash you can be more specific with
choices. For instance you could ask if they would like more info
on Price, Service, Products and the ones the viewer are interested
in could be checked and that info sent. A further refinement would
be to offer branching choices when one is made.

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