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Magzine Campaign for LoatToolbox.com

LoanToolbox.com is a loan industry membership site that offers training and education for loan officers to improve their marketing results.

They wanted a campaign that emphasized several of their main topics. The images and design I used had the intention of reaching loan officers at an emotional level.
| The three subjects of the advertisements represent highly frustrating and uncomfortable situations. Anyone who doesn't have a contact tracking system can relate to the
man searching for a phone number hidden somewhere in scap paper. The effort to squeeze referrals out of realestate agents is so frustrating you feel like grabing them
and shaking them. The third advertisement is spedific to the industry. Loan officers will give realestate seminars, the goal being to dispense really useful information
that realestate agents will appreciate and then be motivated to send you referals. But offering seminars that are actually usefull can be elusive.

Ultimately, if the viewer relates the problems presented they will be motivated to go to the web site for solutions.