William Bellomy Design
Design - Graphic Design, and Print Graphic Design, Flash Design and Development, Web Site Design and Development.

Creative design for your marketing
You have come to the right place for Flash design, graphic design, web design, print design, advertising campaign design, concept development, game development and other creative design activities. I am a designer and artist but I also work with an excellent AS3 programmer and other programmers and web developers. We can do anything you can dream up, or we can dream up something to fit your needs.

Fun Flash things
Flash is a great tool for creating interactive elements that fit into your traditional HTML web sites. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Go to the BRAINSTORM and FUN STUFF pages for inspiration and some fun. You can also call 805-637-3232 to brainstorm ideas, or email me at brainstorm@williambellomydesign.com

If you are interested in innovative web design that stands out then you have come to the right place. Go through the portfolios here then let's discuss what will work for you. I also have the resources to develop complex e-commerce sites that are designed with a creative eye.

Print and web banner advertising design needs to have visual impact, along with a strong sales message to stand out. Let's work together on a plan and some dynamic content that hits home.

I am an expert in the four color printing process and have designed advertising campaigns, catalogues, books, and many other things. Go to my graphic design portfolio and the contact me at 805-637-3232, or creative@williambellomydesign.com.

If you are a web developer then I am your perfect partner to nail down the important design and interactive elements that will make your web projects stand out.
Website Work Examples
Entire web-site design with Flash slide show and other elements.
Design and production of Flash key animation piece.
Site design and production in Flash (except movie player) Designed information boxes, radio tower music player. Coded entire Flash site.